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Introducing ProHeart 6!

ProHeart 6

ProHeart 6


Microchipping your pet is a very helpful tool in the unfortunate event your pet gets lost. A microchip is a rice sized pellet that we inject under the skin between the shoulder blades. Just like a vaccine most pets experience minimal to no discomfort.  If your pet becomes lost and is taken to a shelter or veterinarian they will use a device to scan the ID number and you will be contacted immediately. We use Home Again microchips because they offer more than just a number. They have recovered 600,000 pets so far and are committed to bringing your four legged family member home.

  •  Home Again offers a 24/7 hotline for you to call if your pet gets lost. Once you have called in to report your pet missing,  Home Again will send out fliers to all the local shelters and veterinarians withing a 25 mile radius in order to alert them to your missing pet. They also have ready to print “Missing/Lost” posters for you to pass out or hang around the neighborhood. 
  • Home Again also has a 24/7 pet emergency hotline. Whether you are at home or on vacation you can call anytime to get medical advice for your pet.
  • If your pet gets lost and is found over 500 miles away from home Home Again will cover up to $500 to fly your pet home.

If you are interested in having your pet microchipped or have any questions call us today to set up an appointment 816-524-7200! Or you can visit for more information.