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ProHeart 6

ProHeart 6


If you choose to declaw your cat it is necessary to understand what needs to be done post surgery to help your cat recover quickly and pain free.

  • Activity- It would be best if you can keep your cat from running and jumping for 10-14 days. It may be necessary to keep your cat confined to one room or in a kennel. This prevents kitty from feeling pain, and from re-opening any incisions. It is also recommended that once your cat is declawed that you keep them indoors. This way they are not prone to injuries resulting from cat fights.
  • Litter Box- Switch out clay or clumping type litter for newspaper or pellet litter. This prevents infection and contamination of the incision site. Yesterday’s News is a good choice for declaws, and can be purchased in the clinic or at other retailers.  
  • Monitor- Keep an eye on your cat’s toes. Watch them for signs of infection. This includes bleeding, swelling, discharge, or redness. Make sure your cat isn’t excessively licking or chewing on his or her feet. This can cause incisions to open up or become infected. Try to keep feet as dry as possible. It is normal for your cat to walk a little tender the fist few days after surgery, but not wanting to put any weight on the feet at all is not.  If you notice any of these signs please call or come by the clinic.

If you have questions about declawing or alternatives to declawing your cat please give us a call anytime!